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Town Centre Enhancement Grants

The IBTA has spoken with North Devon Council (NDC) to better understand who can and who cannot benefit from the Town Centre Enhancement Grants in particular.

Town Centre Enhancement Grants

Below, is their guidance to us, which may be of real interest to some shops, retailers, accommodation providers and so on. We think the best way to gain this funding is to consider if you have a project to improve the external aspect, get the required two quotes and apply.

From North Devon Council:

We are offering flexibility on this one. So whilst it is technically for ‘high streets’ or ‘town centres’, we are extending that to areas of condensed commercial property/activity. So a promenade of shops or accommodation/restaurants etc. in high footfall areas (particularly visitor footfall). Where we are less likely to support is if there is an isolated B&B on its own surrounded by residential or in a more remote location. However, we are open to consider all applications, and they aren’t too onerous to complete, so would encourage submissions and then we can discuss with the property owners/tenants on a one-to-one basis"

We’d love to hear back from you if find this useful or indeed applied and what your outcome was.

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